Wednesday, April 17, 2013


well, well, well......seeing as how this whole controversy couldn't get ANYMORE messy and ratchet, there is a possibility that the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries Divorce trial could get televised for you and me and whoever else wants a piece of this train wreck. Messy and ratchet I say seeing as though Kim Kardashian is still legally married but is now 6 months pregnant with Kanye West' child which is hilariously, for me, another blog entry for another day. But getting back to the story at hand, sources have said that the couple was required to show up for trial this past Monday, April 15th, but, for some odd reason, Chris did not show up. Well man, since homie didn't show up, the judge became infuriated, and an agreement between the couple could not be reached. So no agreement=public trial=possible television "show" for me to watch as I eat some In-and-Out Burger even though I proclaim to be on a 90 day fitness challenge. (JK I kno, no burgers LOL) BUT anyways, since its going to be a public trial, as all trials in America are (except for juvenile trials, thanks LAW school for my knowing that LOL :) there is a HUGE possibility that this could be on a station near you. So stay tuned............


Yes, you read right. A Lakers win tonight, even throughout all the ups and down including a season-ending injury to the famed legend Kobe Bryant, could give them the 7th place! And this whole time, we were wondering if the Lakers were going to even make the playoffs?! And now, we are here discussing a 7th place spot and not even the 8th?! Things have certainly been shocking for the Laker franchise this season to say the least. With both the unlikely and shocking trades in the offseason to receive star point guard Steve Nash and injured but yet famed center Dwight Howard, everyone in NBA land just knew the Lakers had a beyond decent chance of winning it all. But then when the season started and the Lakers went on an 0-8 pre-season start and a 1-4 start to the regular season, we all knew there was trouble in paradise. And yeah, the Lakers tried to come back, climbing time and time again out of the below .500 range that finally slid them into the spot they are in now: having the last game of the season determine their 2013 post season destiny. As of now, OKC is in the first spot closely followed by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2nd. Since the 7th spot gives u the second place team, if Lakers win tonight and Utah Jazz loses (yes this does hinge on UTAH again ugh) the Lakers will face the Spurs in the second round and NOT OKC. Ok, the Spurs are in the second spot, but they are known to be a bit fraudulent. LOL That is, they might play super well in the regular season, but when it has come to recent post seasons, they have tended to fold. And not to mention, the Lakers JUST beat them WITHOUT Kobe. So the chances look real good. If you are a Laker fan, you should still be hoping for the best from your team, even without Kobe. Yeah, it's realllllll hard, but look, Kobe's doing it.

BEST DRAKE EVER HAD? The Release of His New Song "Girls Love Beyonce" Could Be His Best Lyrically

Like Drake's first memorable single: "The Best I Ever Had", could his new song "Girls Love BeyoncĂ©" be is best lyrical performance? Maybe so. To be honest, this could be the realest Drake has ever come when it comes to his sad azz crying azz songs about love and relationships. Yo, on the real, Drake hit up every topic in this one: love, commitment, fear of commitment, heartbreak, ho's and the like. But seriously, those subjects right there are low-key on every 20 something year old's mind when it comes to that infamous "L" word (love that is). Let's be real. Don't wanna the ruin the song for anybody, but when drake said "all my young boys around me saying get money and fu*k these ho's, where did we learn this values, I do not know what to tell you", he pretty much defined the current state of the young relationship world, at least from the worthless dude perspective. Sad to say its many of them out there, as well as trifling females. (let's keep this fair now). Well hey, listen to it, see if you like it. Cuz when I heard it, I definitely thought Drake just wrapped up ALL his sad love stories into one track and was like "HERE" to his listeners.  O and the title of the song, you'll get it when you listen to it. LOL

Sunday, April 14, 2013

B*tchAzzness?: Pic Shows Kobe Bryant Doesn't Have that Even While Injured


Well peeps, the picture says it all. When you wanna know for sure who has the most heart, the most drive, the most determination, just look to the mamba. His fortitude throughout the years has almost made us think, man, is he really human?! It sounds insane, but when you think about all that he has played through, it really makes you wonder. As we all know, Kobe Bryant was severely injured in his last game against the Golden State Warriors which led to him rupturing his Achilles. Sources say it looks to be at least 6 to 9 months before Kobe will be recuperated enough to come back. And if you wanna know if the naysayers are out there, you don't even have to ask. Sources everywhere from ESPN to sports pages are saying this could be a career ending injury for Kobe. One word: REALLY?! Do people really think that given who Kobe is as a player and what he has already shown us that he would go out like this?! You have got to be seriously lying to yourself if that's what you think is going to happen. Is the recovery going to be pretty? No. Is he probably along with many of the Laker/Kobe Fans going to get down at times waiting for his return: probably yes. But lets look at the above picture. It says it all. Kobe will come back, no if's, and's, or but's about it. The only question, is he going to come back sooner?!